Music Producer

(July 2020)

Can you introduce yourself ?

I’m Philip STEVENSON, Music Producer, Singer/songwriter, Musician.

What are your expectations ?

My objective is to create songs for Major Artists and Record Companies.

Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?

I’m currently producing a Pop/Soul song titled « Drunken Lovers » featuring amazing artists. The singer Jarrett Johnson (Quincy Jones, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Bublé, George Michael…), and on Drums : Alain de Campos (Sting, Zucchero, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, Joe Coker, Shakira…)

I’m very proud that such great artists trust me and accept featuring. Jarrett Johnson is a Grammy award winning industry professional, Alain de Campos is an international drummer who played with the best musicians and singers.

My role on this song ? I created it from scratch : music, topline, lyrics, I played Bass Guitar and Electric Piano, and do all arrangements. This is my passion as Music Producer. Starting  from nothing maybe going  nowhere, but absolutely enjoying the journey.

What are you working on at the moment?

I recently checked and I have more than 50 music concepts waiting to be finalized and recorded, so this is tuf. I cannot stop composing, it’s vital for me. I always work on 2 or 3 songs at the same time, it allows me not to stop producing because I’m tired or waiting to be inspired. I alternate producing different songs depending my mood and energy. I’m always creating music, concepts, I really love it, this is what I expect doing now 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

What was your career path?

I started studying Music Theory and Piano when I was 7. My first teacher was a so great pianist, his name was Robert THERON. A Paris National Conservatory First Prize. He teached me Piano and Music Theory as he was 85 years old. I’m very thankful to him because he was so patient and teached me music taking all necessary time. I remember me playing on 2 Grand Pianos : A Steinway and a Bosendorfer.. Really magic when you play such instruments. You can feel the power of the sound. It was crazy, these piano’s were 3 meters long and even if I was young, I knew that, at this moment, I was playing the best pianos in the world. This was really unforgetable.

When I finished my classical studies, I started composing Pop Music and play with other musicians. When I was 17, I had the opportunity to be recruited as recording session musician.

I played Piano and Keyboards on a full Pop/Rock album. This Recording Studio was at this time one of the first Digital Studio in France and the sound engineer an Award Winning one. It took 1 month recording. I really loved this experience and I decided to produce music for myself. I started to be a Pop singer/songwriter, singing in French.

In the same time I was studying sciences at the University. And quickly I had to choose between doing a classical career in regards of my studies and a musical career. I didn’t choose to do music as a profesional and I had a career in sciences. But during all this time, I have continued composing and played live music with a lot of different musicians, I evolved to Jazz  and had a lot of sensations with live improvisation. In 2017, I started thinking to make a career change and become Music Producer. I invested money in Digital Audio Workstation, hardwares, softwares, synthesizers, microphones, and worked a lot to produce my music.

What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

My favourite producers are ZEDD, Calvin HARRIS, Bruno MARS, Charlie PUTH. Their productions are really efficient, they all are extremely talented.

What's your typical work process?

I don’t have a defined process to produce music. Most of the time, I really can’t explain how it happens, it can be everywhere, at anytime. I have an idea, some words, a melody in my head and I repeat it, repeat it and the idea evolves in something more and more constructed. Most of the time I have the complete instrumentation in my head, even the singer interpretation. When it happens, I need to record the main ideas and instructions on my voice recorder application or i twill be lost. Then, I go to my home studio and work on it immediately. Sometimes I finish the song within a week, but I often record the main structure of the song, bounce it and come back finish it later.

But I also can create songs on demand if I have special recommendations regarding genre, tempo, topic and so on.

What do you bring to a song?

I always have a clear vision of what should be the result. So I would say my Artistic vision.

What's your strongest skills?

Difficult to answer, but I would say creativity, versatility, melody and fast turn around.

Can you share one music production tip?

Work when you think you have no inspiration : you will always be surprised of the result.

Which artist would you like to work with and why?

Whouah, so many. But I'd love to work with Sia, Rihanna, Katty PERRY, Alicia KEYS, Sam SMITH.

Thank you !

It's my pleasure.