AWARDS - 2019

Hollywood Songwriting Contest :

Nominee : "Will you call my name"


UK Songwriting Contest :

Commended Entry 5 stars : "Will you call my name"

Commended Entry 5 stars :  "Come home"

Commended Entry 5 stars :  "You will have nothing"

Commended Entry 4 stars :  "I say no"

Commended Entry 4 stars :  "Voodoolover"

Commended Entry 4 stars :  "Something over"

Commended Entry 4 stars :  "In a word"

Commended Entry 4 stars :  "Where's my mind"

AWARDS - 2020

UK Songwriting Contest :

Commended Entry 5 stars : "In a word"

Commended Entry 4 stars :  "New life"


After being a Classicaly trained musician (Piano & Music Theory) he early moved to Pop Music Compositions and Jazz Rock Music.
At 17 years old, he was already employed as keyboards player for Studio Recording Sessions.

Having performed with a lot of Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz Rock, Jazz Fusion musicians in different Music Groups, he has a great experience of live Music, Improvisation and Composition.
Philip STEVENSON has a list of songs open to licence and aims at working with Major Record Companies and Top level Artists.

Versatile Music Producer, his main skills are : creativity, great communication, and fast turnaround.

In November 2019, Philip STEVENSON started the Label Ananke Records.